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Title: Is this something that a PM will help me with?
Post by: Dingbest on November 17, 2020, 09:19:30 AM
I'd gotten the doll in the Witch and applied bothe Iban's Ashes (in the burnt tomb) and Iban's Shadow (from the demons)-- but I and died in the spider place in a lag before I was able to assault Kalrag (the giant spider). I was able to recuperate a doll out of the dwarf Niloof but I still couldn't appear to attack the Giant Spider! I received no gym on the spider once I try to strike it and didn't seem to track it either. Additionally, once I attempted to retarget the spider it said"I am already under assault". I truly couldn't remember which I'd used the Shadow or the Ashes and I did not know whether the order really mattered. In accordance with 2 quest guides I looked at I was likely to use the Shadow before the Ashes. But my in-game pursuit list revealed that I must have utilized the Ashes first. My quest list also showed that I still needed to use both these items on the doll. I tried to re-apply the Shadow and the Ashes. I managed to acquire more Shadow but once I attempted to RuneScape gold (https://www.winrsgold.com/) relight the tomb to secure more Ashes I was told"You have collected the ash from the tomb."

I have looked all around trusting the ash would scout somewhere or on some character (such as the doll came from the dwarf Niloof) but have never been able to find them everywhere. I tried dropping the doll, taking another in the dwarf. . .but got the exact same result (got the Shadow but no Ashes) Is this something that a PM will help me with? How do I get one? Alright so after last two days I received my 70attkI brought my Abyssal Whip, but I was wondering what other gear if I buy so I can get better bonuses for my own stats? So say I needed to have better stat bonuses for strength or attack. What gear should I buy? I'm on a 3 mil budget.

I simply got 99 Fletching and during my pursuit I had the idea of getting 99 Woodcutting later Fletching, then get 99 Firemaking. Well, a new thought popped up in my head: Get a godsword or Saradomin sword. I can't manage a godsword at the moment and I don't want to spend 80% of my money on the Saradomin sword. I calculated that the gain; 1,232 ( the log price, it climbed. It is about 1.5k now )x many logs I need for 99 WC, that will be about 35K-36K. In the end, I will get 44M+, enough cash to get a SS, Godsword, or something entirely different. . Baby dragon bones ( BBD's ) are approximately 900gp-1,000gp, making them not the best but a fast way of making money. Here are my existing objectives, NN means Not Necessarily, meaning it'd be wonderful to Best OSRS Gold site (https://www.winrsgold.com/) have it, but it is not something I need.

Title: Re: Is this something that a PM will help me with?
Post by: lizieth on January 14, 2021, 03:28:53 PM
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