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Author Topic: Saradomin - Has two attack per bar (50% drain).  (Read 126 times)
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« on: November 17, 2020, 09:18:59 AM »

First is of course the Strike bonus - it may be less than 25% more precise (fully equipped, 163 using all the Godsword compared to 132 with the whip+defender setup), but that is a massive advantage against the creature's defence ratio. It allows you to hit quite more frequently, so far as hunting trips go. The second major advantage, is the Power bonus. You're able to RuneScape gold inflict at least 6 more damage points than any previous weapon you'd (I believe the most powerful has been Dharok's Greataxe). Lastly, there's an extra 8 points prayer bonus.

All this is quite nice for hunting trips, but for casual combat, mainly Slayer, the sword is not as spectacular than you may imagine. It strikes more frequently and more difficult, but twice as slow than the whip. It's definitely not the melee edition of the Dark Bow, but without the Black Mask and a super strike potion to make up for the loss of rate, I'd stick with something else. Mind you, it depends upon the size of the monster (Black Demons for instance, Godsword's nice there).

To briefly sum this up, wait until the Item Lending system comes out, and borrow a Godsword from one of your friends for a couple of days. As for the hilts, I have the Bandos hilt, and I am quite happy with that. My personal opinion about the hilts is (regardless of price): Armadyl - Has 2 attacks each bar (50% drain), and has the capacity to hit hard. Take your highest hit, and include 25 percent to it. Of course, it's all random, so don't expect nailing 60s every time you use it. Bandos - Has one attack per pub (100% drain), and has the potential to reach hard, in addition to buy RS gold lowering the competitor's defence level by the amount it strikes. The very best option for hunting trips. You figure out how to strike a 50 with this to a GWD boss, and it is already dead.

Saradomin - Has two attack per bar (50% drain). You already know what it will, and I'll let you know what other items can get it done too: The Bones to Peaches spell or tabs, historical Blood charms, Bunyip, Fruit Bat, Guthan's. Zamorak - Drains 60% of the bar when used. Nothing that the Ice Barrage spell can't do, and just like it, it sometimes freezes you for half the time, and occasionally for about a second. Used to be the least expensive and most unworthy hilt, but then people began ranging Zilyana (Saradomin's general down the GWD) and recognized it's a lot more comfy than historical magicks. Ok so I am becoming a member (Finally) but, I do not exactly know what to wear. I do have 17 mil to spend because I mainly got mems for battle training. I will be training via slayer so I'll use all 3 forms of combat.
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