Data Import

Any type of tab delimited data can be imported into J-Express. In addition special importers have been created for Illulmina data (output from Genome Studio), Agilent and the two colour platforms (e.g. GenePix)


Filters can be applied to remove low quality data and normalisations procedures can be applied both to one and colour systems. Quantile normalisation is implemented as the most common way to normalise one colour systems.

Explore the data

J-Express contains many analysis methods and data preparation tools to make the most of your data. Supervised methods, such as SAM, T-test, Rank Product, GSEA and more can discover patterns in the data and reveal genes or gene groups (such as gene ontology groups or metabolic pathways) differentially expressed between samples. Unsupervised methods, such as PCA, clustering methods and Correspondence analysis can organize the data and discover patterns, or reveal underlying biological functions such as co-regulation.