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Title: I still got 100 hours from it and I do not regret it
Post by: Sunxuemei on November 24, 2020, 01:16:13 AM

Folks will Animal Crossing Bells (https://www.acbells.com/) say because online is in the sport then what they're doing is fine, which it can be, but don't complain when you hurry to find everything and you get tired. I feel like this kind of game doesn't lend itself nicely to an online system. Also, I think that it's played when you play about an hour a day.

There's some things I'd like enhanced, but I am loving my first AC game since the GameCube.

I enjoyed NH a whole lot, but my curiosity really fell off once I received my island to 5 stars. I'd created all of these spaces full of things no one can interact with and an island full of villagers giving me exactly the exact same dialogue. The game gets to a stage where material is adorned, the museum is full, and re-terraforming is just tedious, and it loses its charm and just becomes a weed pulling simulator.

I still got 100 hours from it and I do not regret it, but I just feel like there is something more to be gained from the game that the devs have not enabled me to encounter.

I had been concerned about just how much emphasis there appeared to be on crafting coming into ACNH, since I really don't enjoy crafting in games, and so far my concerns were justified. I played with daily until a couple of weeks ago and there's just no forward thrust to the match making me need to log in and progress. I played New Leaf for many years and never tired of itand now I can not be fussed to even log into more than once weekly. Also, COVID made me perform a whole lot more in the start, although not having an away-from-home lunch break has truly made me play less; it was an hour a day was built in just for AC, and now it isn't.

My daughter plays ACNL every day right now, and I find myself missing it a lot.

Frankly the biggest disappointment for me personally is the way hollow all the villagers are. Landscaping and decorating obtained a nice boost this time, I had rather they focus on fleshing out our interactions with buy Animal Crossing Items (https://www.acbells.com/) our villagers about the next iteration.

Title: Re: I still got 100 hours from it and I do not regret it
Post by: JeffSimons on December 29, 2020, 09:43:42 AM
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Title: Re: I still got 100 hours from it and I do not regret it
Post by: RyanHell on February 24, 2021, 09:29:49 PM
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